Glen Iris Kitchen Renovation

Melbourne Kitchen Renovation: Glen Iris

Project – Kitchen, Laundry / Mud Room & Powder Room
Suburb – Glen Iris, Melbourne
Builder – Questbuild
Designer – Chris Wing Shing
Photographer - May Photography

Doors – Dulux Natural White 30% Polyurethane
Benchtop – 40mm Caesarstone Organic White

Doors – Dulux Natural White 30% Polyurethane
Benchtop - Dulux Natural White 30% Polyurethane

Doors – Polytec Classic White Matt
Benchtop – 40mm Caesarstone Organic White
Seat – 33mm Polytec Natural Oak Matt

Doors – American Oak Veneer
Benchtop – 20mm Caesarstone Organic White

This Glen Iris Kitchen Renovation has some interesting individual touches. While they aren't necessarily obvious at first glance, they are thoughtful elements that have an impact on how the family lives. And at the end of the day, a kitchen is a place where a family does a lot of living!

Firstly, there's the nook just to the right of the fridge. On the top half is a forbo pinboard - handy for a family that needs to keep things at hand, but neat. While at first glance this area looks like a study nook, it is in fact purpose built for use as a dog bed. As any dog owner knows, the family dog is a big part of the family, so it's only right that the entire family has a place in the kitchen.

Another great touch is the area under the island bench, on the kitchen side, where you can see a stool. The owners wanted to include everyone in the social aspect of the kitchen, including the cook. And, why not? The kitchen is more often than not a social hub in a home. The place where everything from casual coffees to gourmet  delights are created. And during that process, conversations are a central feature.

So here, the person in the kitchen hasn't been forgotten with the addition of a stool and place to put their feet in comfort. The cook's corner!

And while we're talking about stools, how cool are the quirky stools on the outside of the island bench?!

They kind of remind us of the 3 bears, with each stool made to measure. So Goldilocks, which one is just right for you?

It's these little touches of personality that help transform a series of cabinets, appliances, and benches into a family kitchen. A reflection of the individual style of the home owners.

Another hidden feature of this kitchen is the pantry door. Hidden by design! Usually a pantry door would require a handle so you could open the door. Makes sense. In this case, the handle has been formed as part of the door trim, making it seamless when the door is closed, and unobtrusive when the door is open.

You can see in this photo that the entire left had edge of the door is the handle. It sits slightly proud when closed so it can easily be used, but appears as part of the trim.

In addition to the kitchen is the window seat, powder room, laundry and mud room areas. Once again touches that add liveability and functionality with added character to this home.

All in all, areas designed to be used and enjoyed by all the family and guests that meet there. We wish them all happy times!

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